Good 50x70 "LILA" Award Winner / 2010 / Italy

Massachusetts College of Art and Design Collection / USA 
Graphic Intervention - 25 Years of International AIDS Awareness Posters 1985-2010

"LILA" Selected Work

"The work that we have chosen:"CRIME!" S. Ozis. Crime! Responds perfectly to what we consider importantin the fight against AIDS: the communication is clear and explicit, the graphics are immediate and despite the crudeness of the strip of yellow crime scene, not attacks making positive content of the message. Congratulations to Selcuk Ozis and many good wishes for his future work" LILA
Thanks to LILA

Good 50x70 "LILA" Award Winner / 2011 / Italy

Good 50x70 "LILA" Award Winner / 2011 / Italy

Good 50x70 "LILA" Award Winner / 2009 / Italy

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